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I thought your service was wonderful and I appreciated the additional samples you sent...they were lovely, however, the patchouli fragrance was not was I was looking for. Thank you though for your awesome service.
Donna - Norristown, PA

every candle is awesome and long lasting
Jeanne - delray bch, FL

I will never purchase candle tarts anywhere else. Your candles are by far the longest smelling tarts I have ever had.
Stacey - Warwick, RI

Having not used them yet as here we are having a heat wave this fall Oct 8th and 74 degrees in WISCONSIN Ya baby Maybe 80 by Sunday But it won't be long we'll closed up & Cuyahoga Baby let the air begin. Love you stuff It really is the best replicas on the market I even think a couple are better than the real thing. thank you so much. I wondered if it make that much different on using the tart bulb for the oils I see maybe a les intensive fragrance correct. Ok but as t least as good as the tart correct?????????? I picked my tried and true favorites Butt Naked, cranberry spice,potporispice,Chistmasspendor,Orange clove,BlackrasberryVanilla,applejack, Gojoberry. These will not let you Down.
Robert Germantown, WI

So pleased! Wonderful fragrance & soft enough to easily cut in half! I was so happy with my order of the choose your own bundles & I got 2 bars of host soap, it's awesome!. I'm keping some & gifting the rest for Xmas gifts. All ladies love tarts! I give 5 stars- fast shipping, great customer service & quality product! Very nice to add the 2 bonus tarts! Thanks! Ive bought candles before- I'm a forever customer! Thanks so much!☺
Deborah - Corning, NY

I've been buying these tarts for a few years now and I've never been disappointed. The best part is you can get at least a half dozen burns in the burner. Every tart has a true fragrance and fills the room with a wonderful scent. I'm a customer for life.
Susan- Gaithersburg, MD

I've always purchased famous brand tarts in the past; but not anymore. these are the best tarts ever. the fragrance lasts forever. They will burn at least 3-4 times then I put them in the toe of a nylon stocking and place them in drawers with linens and clothing. Wow my sheets just smell wonderful.
linda - Arcadia, IN

These tarts are superior quality and I love the variety of scents...I cut them in quarters and store them in plastic bags and they last a long time. My favorite is Caribbean Teakwood but there are many others I love also. You will not find tarts anywhere that are better... #Terrific!
Sierra - Abilene, TX

I love the Frankincense and Myrrh scent as I love Israel and the Middle East where it originated. It is mysterious and so very comforting especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. Amazing and one tart lasts for days on end.
Jan - Prineville, OR

I love my scented tarts,candle and scented oils. I will be purchasing more. Thank you for the great customer service. Carol keel.
carol - frisco, TX

I have been ordering candles and frangrance oils for years now. I have always been very happy with everything I have ordered. I love your scents and you have a big variety to choose from. Your shipment is very fast and if there is ever a problem you always stay on top of it and take care of the matter to keep your customers happy. I greatly appreciate that. I will continue to order from you. Thank You, Darlene of Imlay City, Michigan

I am writing about the purchase I just received. Other than having a problem with ordering on the computer, I found ordering easy. The products that I purchased were different (Shea butter) and as usual the purchase was a great buy. I have never received anything from Cuyahoga Valley that was disappointing. The aromas and the consistency of the butter are excellent and plan to purchase more in the near future. Thanks for your products.
Susan - Beacon, NY

We buy wax melts. We absolutely love them. Anytime we have company we get compliments on how wonderful our home smells. Our orders are always well packed and, for us, we always get our package in less than a week. Hands down my one of my favorite places to shop...and the only place we get scents.
Suzanne Myrtle Creek, OR

Absolutely love the tarts so far -- almost want to light them all at the same time.
Will definitely be back and will Highly recommend them to friends.
Diane, Riverside, CA

I am writing about the purchase I just received. Other than having a problem with ordering on the computer, I found ordering easy. The products that I purchased were different (Shea butter) and as usual the purchase was a great buy. I have never received anything from Cuyahoga Valley that was disappointing. The aromas and the consistency of the butter are excellent and plan to purchase more in the near future.
Thanks for your products.
Sue, Beacon, NY

I have been buying my tarts from Rick and his team for more then 5 years now. I order them one day and 2-3 days later, my mail lady reluctantly brings them to my door, especially on hot days. The whole mail truck smells like flowers, baked goods or another delicious scent, so she doesn't want to drop them off! I always buy different scents for different seasons, and I have NEVER had one I didn't love! I recently received some Yankee's for my birthday, so I used them. I put them in my warmers around 10AM, and when I got up the next morning, no smell! When I use these, the smell lasts for at least 2-3 days, sometimes longer, it's amazing! I just got a friend of mine to start ordering from him, and she should get hers real soon, I know she will LOVE them! Thanks to the whole team, keep the great scents coming! And btw, I love the new one, sweet patchouli, I am using it now!!
Cheryl from Delaware ˜


These wax tarts are lovely. Much better than Yankee Candle wax tarts. Your tarts are moist and the fragrance lasts a long time. Yankee Candle tarts are dried up--they crumble when you unwrap them--and the fragrance does not last. I will buy your tarts exclusively from now on!
Susan, Pensacola, FL 03/16/2016

Cuyahoga Valley Candle is the best! I love their products from wax tarts to the accessories! They beat Yankee Candee hands down in quality of scents. But what makes them the biggest winner, is their customer service!! They absolutely go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied. Love this company.
Linda, Lindenwold, NJ

LOL I seem to say the same thing all the time, but these are literally the best, strongest, longest lasting smelling tarts I have ever used! The variety of smells is awesome, and they blow YANKEE CANDLE out of the game! I put the tart in the freezer to get it out of the bowl in one chunk and then I put them in my underwear drawer and let them smell good too! Thanks Rick! Robyn
Robyn, Coral Springs, FL

Just adore your fragrances. They are very aromatic and long lasting! Shipping was fast and the price can't be beat, and I know cause I've tried nearly all wax tarts!
Leona, Burnside, KY

The tarts, as always, arrived quickly. The aromas are beautiful! Always a pleasure doing business with Rick and his staff. I have been purchasing for many years and every purchase is a joy.
Jeannine, Poughkeepsie, NY

I have been buying tarts for many, many years from Rick and the gang. I LOVE every single scent they carry and have never been disappointed. They last at least, twice as long as the more expensive Yankee tarts do, and I will continue to purchase these every time I need them!! Plus the shipping speed is amazing, it only takes a few days, and they are at my front door! Thank you all so much.
Cheryl , Elkton, MD

I really love the oil's they are great to add to my tart's , for a stronger smell, or when they have been burned a long time! I did get them in time and I do love the fact that they do use the USPS , which makes it so easy for me to get them! I will be ordering more tarts soon !! Thank you Cuyahoga Valley !!!

Have ordered different scented wax tarts from Cuyahoga Valley Candle several times and have been completely satisfied every time. Will continue to order from you because the different scents have a pleasing aroma that is a joy, and adds a homey feel to our house
Shelby, OH 12/05/2015

I brought a candle to burn at work and 3 friends wanted and given your web site. I sent them an email that you sent me. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
Barbara, Berwyn, IL 11/21/2015

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with each purchase I have made with Cuyahoga Valley Candle. EVERY purchase fills my home with the most delectable aromas imaginable. My latest purchase of the Nectarine and Honey tarts was yet another example of the wonderful scents available from Cuyahoga! I love walking in my front door and being greeted by the most tantalizing smells available. BEAUTIFUL! I will always be a lifelong customer ! THANK YOU !
Emily, Portsmouth, VA 11/08/2015

This is the first time I bought tarts from this company, and I love them for the smells. I burnt one for three days. This is a great company to buy anything from. thank you for all the great products.
Loretta, taylorsville, UT 10/29/2015

I love this stuff! every tart I burn from these guys is out of this world and very strong throw, stronger than Yankee Candle, better quality. A little melty when opening them, but I take what I've lost on the cutting knife and wipe it back on the tart. This scent is so refreshing, can really smell the grapefruit in there, through closed doors even! So light and clean this scent is....more, more, please....
Dyana, Florida, FL 10/18/2015

I have always been a Yankee Candle customer and over the years have spent hundreds of dollars on their candles, votives, tarts, room fresheners, car fresheners, and their decorative holders and lids. My house is filled with Yankee Candle products. However, I recently purchased a large quantity of their tarts and have been unhappy with the strength and scent of all of them. I have to change the tarts every other day just to keep my rooms with a scent. So I went online looking for a stronger wax tart and found Cuyahoga Valley. I ordered a couple bundles of their tarts. Let me just say that Yankee Candle has now lost a loyal customer. I love the strength and scents of Cuyahoga's tarts and now can't wait to purchase their candles. I think I have found something new that I will enjoy spending my money on.
New Jersey, 10/12/2015

I've been using tarts for many years. I've purchased both in store and online. I'm thrilled to have found Cuyahoga tarts!!! The scents are amazing, they can be melted over and over, incredible scents with an even better throw!!! Thank you so much for making an above quality item, with great pricing and wonderful customer service!!!
Helen Kings Park, NY, 10/08/2015

My order arrived fast and the scents in this bundle are great. Ooh that Indian Sandalwood smells so good. I am NEVER disappointed with any of my scents that I received from here. It is what makes my house a home and I love coming home to a nice smelling home. Thank you
Jessica, Palm Beach Garde, FL 09/24/2015

I LOVE the tarts that I have ordered from your company. They are a delight throughout the entire house. I gave some to my 85 yr. old father, and he loves them as well-burns them at his house, and constantly remarks how wonderful his house smells! Thank you so much for making such a quality product! I will be ordering more tarts as soon as my quantify gets low.
Debra, Moyock, NC 09/20/2015

have been ordering from you for 10-15 years. am satisfied with service and fragrances. Haven't found any that compare but I wish would classify them "mild/med/strong" like you did when I first started ordering, they seem to be loosing their fragrance after 1 day; used to be I could burn a tart 3 days and still have fragrance.
shawano, wi, 09/20/2015

OK, so bottom line is that I was a Yankee Candle girl for 15 plus years!! Just got tired of the prices and infrequent tart sales, so I got on line and found this place and just took a chance. These tarts, BLOW Yankee away from the minute the flame hits the wax, the ENTIRE house, not just the room its in, SMELLS GREAT and lasts literally til the flame is out and the smells linger as well. I will never buy Yankee again, and the selection of scents here are awesome as well. Thanks Rick, keep up the great scents! Robyn
Robyn, Coral Springs, OH , 09/20/2015

I am so thrilled with these tarts!!!!! They are awesome!!!! I am addicted!!!!!!! I have never bought tarts & wax melts that smell as good as these do!!!!! Long lasting also!!!!!! Well priced!!!!!! I am so glad I came across the web site. I am a very happy content customer....they have my business. delivery was 3 days!!!!!! If anyone is thinking of it you won't be sorry!!!!!!!!!
Fairmont, WV

I have been buy your products for quite a few years now. I have tried many different stores and companies but your products are by far the best. The scents are long lasting and the quick delivery and service are outstanding! Your company is the only one I will order from. Thank you so much & keep up the great work!
K LJCoeur d'Alene, ID

I have been buying tarts from Cuyahoga Valley for a few years now, and have never bought one that I didn't love. And they last so much longer then any other tart I have ever purchased, including Yankee! So thank you Cuyahoga Valley, don't ever stop making these tarts, please! But I do have 1 request, can you try to find and sell the punched tin/metal tart burners? They work so much better then the ceramic burners, at least in my opinion! Thanks again,
Cheryl from Delaware

This Floral Edition Bundle was the third time we have ordered tarts from Cuyahoga Valley Candles. From the very first order we have been very well satisfied with all of your scents. The aromas are long lasting and very pleasing. Along with super fast shipping. We look forward to a continued relationship with Cuyahoga Valley Candle. Thanks again for a great product. T. Moore, Shelby, Ohio.
Shelby OH 07/01/2015

I absolutely love the Tart Bundles...I buy them all the time and they are always perfect...I love the seasonal scents and the speed of delivery and quality are the best.. Bravo...
Londonderry, NH

I have bought tarts from you all for a couple of years now and the service and quality remains second to none. I have bought others at times howver continue to return to the BEST. Thanks so much for your continued service, fast and reasonable shipping, and the best quality tarts EVER.
San Antonio, TX
05/31/2015 03:17PM

I am addicted to these tart melts! This is at least my third or fourth sampler pack order . . . I have everything from florals for Spring and Summer to cinnamon, pumpkin and balsam for Autumn and Winter. I have enough tarts to scent all of Georgia for years as each tart is so long-lasting in fragrance that it takes weeks of melting to dissipate the scent enough to replace a tart. Customer service is outstanding as well. What a cheerful addiction!
Lisa, GA
05/06/2015 02:01PM

I have been purchasing wax tarts from Cuyahoga Candles for quite a few years and absolutely love them. The prices are great, shipping is quick and the variety of flavors are fabulous. I also enjoy giving them as gifts and my friends are thrilled! Will keep buying more!!
Erica New Rochelle, NY

I just put this is my warmer yesterday in my bedroom and I came home last night after work and I could smell it in my living room with my bedroom door closed!! My first tart from Cuyahoga Valley and I can't wait to try the other ones I bought! I also got a few free tarts with my purchase!! I'm very pleased with how fast my things arrived and how reasonably priced they were. Definitely will only be ordering my melts from here now!!!!
Brittany Bloomington, IN

I placed by second order from Cuyahoga valley candle and I could not be more satisfied , I placed my order on 3 / 18 / 15 and received it on 3 / 20 / 15 . Now try that at any other place and you be waiting 2 weeks or longer. Cuyahoga valley candle ships fast and they care about there customers , and Rick is a great Guy to deal with I will be and always be a returning customer , but yes the shipment is unbelievably fast you will defiantly get your order in 2-3 days . And there price’s are the best around , My wife and I told several of our friends about this site and they already placed some orders and some of them already received them and they too love this site. And the scent of the Tart wax - melts last a long time. And there also for those order for the first time from this site will ship you out free of charge 2 sample of the Tart wax - melts so you can see if you like those scents there not another site that I know that would do that with charging. But to me Cuyahoga valley candle is the best site out there. Thanks again for my order and the fast shipping. And for those folks thinking about buying from this site , WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR , Oder you be very satisfied and you will be saying what did I wait to order.
Forest ( Kodabear ) 3/ 21 / 15

New Hampshire

Being a die hard 25+ yrs Dove user I was hesitant to try the Goats Milk Soap. Placed order, am so glad! for this item is rich, creamy, cleansing without leaving any residue on the skin and left my skin soft (no ash). Not to mention the scent left lingering was phenomenal!I WILL order again. The bar is huge, who knew!
Sone, Central Islip, NY

It is so nice to find a product that you can actually smell even before melting. Artfully created which is appreciated. Having fun trying out the different "flavors" before deciding on my favorites. Everything about this company is a "class act". Pleasure doing business with you.
Karen, North Las Vegas, NV

I have been buying these tarts for years now, and they are always top of the line. I place my order and 2-3 days later, they are at my front door. My mail lady hates delivering them, she wants to keep them longer, because her truck smells like fruits, flowers, or baked goods, depending on what type I have oredered, and once they are delivered, she misses all the scents!! I tell everyone I know to order these, the price is great, they smell amazing, they last for days and the shipping is unbelievably fast!!! 🍀
Cheryl Bear, DE

This is my third time ordering Cuyahoga tarts and they have become my favorite even over well known name brands. They are a big enough tart that I break in half and burn. Strong scents, many scents to choose from. Very decent price for size of tart and usually recieve 3 to 4 days after ordering. I'm a fan!

Just wanted to say I really do like the tarts that I ordered from you. I have to say they are the best ones I have purchased. Great smelling and last so much longer than any I have ever had. I will be ordering a lot more from you.
myra, painesville, OH

I absolutely love your products. The tarts are awesome as well as the goat soap. I am so glad I stumbled across your website while looking for tarts that weren't expensive and lasted a long time. Thanks again! :-)
Vicki, Oh
Mar 3
, 2016

I can not say enough about your tarts..I have been ordering them from you for a while, love all of the scents, I love the orange clove and I just tried the vanilla sandal wood and OMG love that sent.. I love the speedy order and the package they come in..
I can not comment every time I get an order from you because I just love all of them.
I have been ordering them from you for a long time, and I will continue to do so for quite some time...
Keep up the great work and I am so happy with everything.. I would give your products a 50 star rating if possible..
A very satisfied customer....
Sally, KY

I just got done buying my 8 Oz. candles for my coworkers for Christmas gifts. I started with buying a couple of 16 Oz. candles for my house for that yummy Christmas smell around the house. Last week I bought a 30 pack sampler of tarts and they smell great and the scent smells wonderful for hours and hours. Great service and fast delivery.
Taylorsville, UT

I've only burned one of the tarts (Christmas Thyme) so far, but it smells great. This isn't my first experience with the tarts, and the ones I have tried have been strong and long lasting. I am so glad I found your company. Very reasonable prices. An 8-ounce mason jar in the Carnations scent (very hard to find, by the way) has a much stronger scent throw in my bedroom than the Yankee candles I have tried lately. Many serious candle burners are less than happy with some of the big-name brands, so hopefully they'll find your company and become one of us happy customers.
Fort Collins, CO

Just LOVE this company and its products! The service, pricing, and quality has Yankee Candle (my usual go-to candle company)beat hands down. I placed my initial order then immediately placed a second order after realizing what a gem I had found in this company. Candle addicts such as myself will be completely delighted!
Macon, GA

I am so very pleased with my purchase. It was so nice to find that your the wax melts last so long. The ones I have purchased for years from your competitors last only a couple of hours and the fragrance, even when first lit, is hardly noticeable. From now on I know where to go to get real quality candles, wax melts,etc. So glad I found you guys!!! We'll be having a very warm, fragrant Christmas thanks to Cuyahoga Valley Candle.
Pat, Charlotte, North Carolina

I am currently burning caramelized praline in my living room. OMG. fat pants alert! so wonderfully good. I can't tell you how awesome this scent is in candle form and it throws like no tomorrow! clean burn, slow burn, even wax pool, wonderful wick. thank you so much; will be a return customer for sure. Oh, and did I mention such super duper fast shipping? ordered friday, received on Monday of black friday weekend. wow.
Susan, Cincinnati, OH

These candles smell amazing!!!!! A must buy, these candles sooth my room & covers it with their amazing smell... So what you waiting for? Buy yours today!
Los Angeles, CA

I bought the build your own 30 pack sampler and was very impressed by the price. I have been buying yankee candle tart for many years but they just don't fill my home anymore so I gave Cuyahoga valley tarts a try. The three I have used so far smell great and fill my home with a wonderful scent without overwhelming. Thanks for making a great product.
Cottondale, AL

I love this Company. I order the Tarts again and again...The best is their prepackaged bundles...But I have bought my share of separates too...The scents are the strongest ever... Best, snowhugs
Londonderry, NH

denitta -

Absolutely love my tarts. The smell is have a new life long customer who will be recommending you to all I know! Great customer service, speedy delivery, fantastic scents and the smell lasts so long. Also the aroma lingers even after the "lights" go out without being overbearing. Rick it was a pleasure speaking with you and thank you for your assistance!!!!
You will definitely be receiving orders from me again!
East Windsor, CT11/08/2014

Lathering up with these soaps is pure heaven! Excellent aromas, just beautiful whatever you choose and it does wonders for dry skin. My cats like to sniff me after I wash with them. This time I have ordered Dragon's Blood! Can't wait!
Dyana - Naples, Fl

I have bought many different brands of tarts and candles through the years. The big box brands, the no name brands, you name them I have tried them. Cuyahoga valley is the best quality products second to none! I will never buy from anyone else ever. Thanks for your efforts in not only making a superb quality product but also the fastest shipping and fine customer service.
Mida-San Antonio, TX

I've found that the holidays aren't complete without these wonderful candles. A pumpkin pie candle and an apple crisp candle have spiced up my house. I love how the scent fills the house. Thank you, Cuyahoga Valley Candles for getting my house ready for the holidays!

Mary San Antonio, TX

I was so excited about getting home to find out what all excitement was on these candles and I myself was speechless ....I opened them immediately on getting home from work and lite the "BLUE HAWAIIAN" ...went outside for a few minutes and upon returning back inside I was greeted with the most relaxing smell ever....I looked in my warmer and realized that only 1/2 of the tart was melted and I thought if that smell is from only 1/2 then Cuyahoga Candles has just obtained a lifetime buyer...I was so dedicated to Yankee Candle but these are much more price worthy and the smell is just perfect...Rick please keep bringing us new fragrances and we will keep buying.....thank you so much
Marcia Rentz, GA

For starters I've got to say that I am a home fragrance junkie! From candles to wax melts oil warmers and so on. These oils are beautiful, wonderful quality! They don't burn up quickly like many many others do. I can put them in my electric warmer and not have to hover over it to make sure it doesn't burn up and scorch my warmer. Now about the fragrance. Wowzers! It's truly wonderful! Filled my home with lovely fragrance with in minutes on one warmer! This product is most definitely a keeper on my favorite list along with the beautiful scented tart melts I purchased as well. Thank you kindly for your lovely products!
tunkhannock, PA

I just received my first order yesterday and after burning two wax
tarts, I have found my new "go to" candle supplier.

The tarts are huge, scent throw is amazing, and the price can't be beat.
Turn-around time on the order was much faster than any company I
have dealt with. Thanks!

Barb Ellicott City, MD 10/17/2014

I just got some tarts and boy are they smelly......I mean in a great way!
I put them in my closet, opened door a couple of days later, and they made my closet smell delightful!
If the other products I want to order smell as good as these do, then you have a new customer for life!
Something about the sense of smell that brings back good times, memories and makes new ones as well.
I love how you can smell something and go back in time to wonderful memories in your life!
I can't wait until you have more to choose from in candle smells and in soaps and lotions. I just gave up the " to die for" places to shop. And there were not brand name.......small gift stores along my journey in life.
I am hooked!

Glenda Florence KY. 10/17/2014

Cuyahoga Valley Candles are the real thing; meaning the scents are true, pleasing and long-lasting; then there is the value for the dollar with Cuyahoga Candles. It's also a pleasure dealing with a family-type company who truly cares about the customer!
Paul Media Pa.

I love the tarts the smell is overwemming and I love them. They also have a longer smelltime span. Thank you very much will buy more from you

Magna, UT

Many reviews I read before purchasing said the same thing. That these were the best candles and tarts they have ever received. Better than most other big name, well known candle shops, Well, there is a reason people say these things. Because they are all true. Best scents, best throw, fast inexpensive shipping, and outstanding customer service.
Stamford, CT

I've tried many fragrances over the years and Cuyahoga Valley tops them all by a long shot. So many people comment on the wonderful fragrances and how cozy it feels with a cheery fire burning and wonderful fragrances wafting though the home atmosphere. I have found that if you love the fragrance but it is too strong, put a small watt bulb in your warmer and if you want more...put a higher watt in the warmer. I LOVE strong fragrance and this company has my vote every time. Wonderful to deal with and exceptional ship price and timely. Thanks, guys! Jan at Fancy Farm
Bend, OR



SUE Beacon, NY 8/02/2014

I received my order on just a couple of days and I am extremely satisfied. I ordered the 30-pack sampler and you also included a couple melts free which I found to be a very nice added touch. The melts are what I had hoped for. Good quality long last scents. Great price, speedy delivery and excellent customer service. Thanks and I will be ordering again!
Paul SNaples, FL

I can't begin to tell you HOW pleased I am with my recent purchase of your delicious tarts. You most certainly have ALL of my future business. I was ordering from another online source but must admit yours are far superior Everything arrived much quicker then I expected and in perfect condition. It was so very nice of Rick to call me personally and refund the shipping on one of my two orders that I had placed the same day. What a thoughtful thing to do. I plan to do a lot of future business with your company, especially around the holidays Thank you again ever so much. Kathleen Allison :):):)

Fargo, ND


Received my tart melts today, opened the box the aroma was overwhelming, The strength of the melting tart is wonderful, fills the house with incredible aroma. Will be a returning customer. I finally found something worth burning!!! Thanks for a superior product.

Barb Apr 30 2014

Tried your candles and I am very impressed so I ordered more. Particularly love the lemon and baby powder. Going to try the orange and clove this time. Thank You so much for beautiful candles, Connie

Connie Apr. 26 2014

I was a long time customer of Yankee Candle. Since learning about Cuyahoga Valley Candle a few years ago, I have never looked back. For the price, customer service and quality, Rick has Yankee Candle beat by a long shot. I usually purchase two or three tart bundles at a time so they last for a couple of months and I love the fragrance that fills my home and lasts several hours. For anyone thinking about purchasing candles from Cuyahoga Valley Candles...stop thinking and start buying!

Kristina Feb. 27 2014

I have tried wax melts and tarts from many companies, and although some of them smell really nice in their packages, they had disappointing throws once melted. I am amazed by the variety of scents and the amazing throw from just one single tart from cuyahoga candle company. Every scent I have bought has been amazing, of course I have my favorites so far, but still exploring more. Violet lime is beautiful, bergamot and tarragon is very nice and strong, crackling birch is a favorite, the floral scents are all true scents. I could continue, but suffice it to say that I love them all.

Sue Feb 26 2014

I've ordered from here many times because of the fragrance selection and because the fragrance of the tarts last at least twice as long as ANY other brand I've tried. And the personalized service is outstanding. I love this company

Tamra Feb 20 2014

I have tried wax melts and tarts from many companies, and although some of them smell really nice in their packages, they had disappointing throws once melted. I am amazed by the variety of scents and the amazing throw from just one single tart from cuyahoga candle company. Every scent I have bought has been amazing, of course I have my favorites so far, but still exploring more. Violet lime is beautiful, bergamot and tarragon is very nice and strong, crackling birch is a favorite, the floral scents are all true scents. I could continue, but suffice it to say that I love them all.
Feb 26 2014

I am a tart and candle fanatic! I've purchase both from here many times and no other tart compares. he fragrances are wonderful and the selection is enormous. The fragrances last at least twice as long as other brands and I always get a nice personalized note in the box.
Feb 20, 2014

Love the scented oils! Fast shipping! Love! Love! Love!

lisa M Dec 14, 2013

I love the build your own bundles! I always choose my fall back vannilla and banana bread, but right now I am basking in coconut cream pie! I do love these tarts. I can't wait to experience all the yummy dessert flavors I picked! Its great for a person who can't bake to be able to fill the house with the smell of baking!

I have bought different company's tarts but I think hands down your Tarts beat them out by far with how many hours you get out of them. I have recommend the3m to several friends and I really do enjoy your deals that you offer. Thank you for great products.
Feb 2, 2014

Merry Christmas my new friend. Wishing your family a wonderful holiday season. Your tarts have made our homes, mine and my daughters, smell so sweet and cheery. Had to have more of the Grinch and Potpourri Spice. Love that fragrance ALL the time. I tell everyone about your tarts.
Again thanks for a superior product.
Dec 22, 2013

For years now Yankee Candles Balsam and Cedar candle has been my favorite tree fragrance to burn during Christmas. I put half of your Balsam and Cedar tart in to melt last night and wow. You get so much more bang with a tart than a candle and no flame to worry about. I am so impressed and pleased with this fragrance. Much better than a candle. Also love the Morning Glory Honeysuckle in the bedroom
Dec 2, 2013

I tried there tart melts they are the best smelling tarts I have ever purchased. They are a 5 star company fast and efficient delivery.
Dec 2, 2013

Cannot get enough of the tarts - just placed an order and half of them are gone already!!! everyone who comes to my apartment loves the smells and I have to give them some to take home - not enough for me anymore!!!! Best buy ever for price and love the different scents - so many to choose from - shipping is great and fast - have to go - getting ready to place another order!!!! If you want to go on vacation and cannot - order the tarts - islands, flowers, the sea - you will be there even if you cannot!!!

Dec, 2, 2013

I got my order in the mail today ! The tarts smell amazing. I love the lotion. Def will be ordering more from you!!!! Thanks for the fast shipping;)
Now 22, 2013

Love your tarts!! Some of them last though 3 tea lites. These are a lot better than the big name candle companies.
Nov 19. 2013

I have ordered quite a few and was very pleased with most of them. A few of them just was not my

taste. My favorites were fig tree,orange chilli pepper and rose garden. Another thing I like about your

company is your fast shipping. Definitely a plus in my book!!! So as you can see, I love your products.

I will definitely order again and again. Thanks for everything!!!!


Nov 17, 2013

I recently ordered for the first time I have only tried one scent so far and it is the best quality melts I have ever tired. The customer service is A+++++++


Nov 16, 2013

I just love these candles. The Aroma's of them are just the best... I would recommed these to all your friends and family


Nov 16,2013

I recently was given a gift of another name brand tarts. I used them and I could hardly smell anything. plus they didn't last. Your candles fill the whole house with fragrance and last . I have been ordering fm you for a long time and will never again use another brand. Thanks for your awesome tarts


Nov 11, 2013

Just received my order (candles, wax melts) My first scent I tried was the dragons blood, WOW!! I cut the wax melt in 4 pieces as I have a small electric outlet type warmer & man my whole living room/ hall way has a incredible fragrance drifting in all directions! I can't imagine using a whole tart of this particular fragrance..Looking fwd. to trying all the other melts I bought..No doubt I will be putting another order in for gifts!Hats off to Rick for allowing me to put some add ons to my order the day after order was placed...The postage rate was amazing please don't change that!!Keep up the great work!


Nov 8, 2013

So I got my small order yesterday and loved all the tarts I got so had to order a bigger order. Awesome products and amazing customer service. I am officially a loyal customer. Thanks so much for ur amazing work and being so nice. Xoxo
Nov 7, 2013



Nov. 6, 2013

Just discovered another BBF...that's Best Fragrance Forever..Toffee Apple great for this time of the year
October 24 2013

Thank you for all the help with my order! I am so excited to try the many different scents. The goats milk soap and lotion are so luxurious! The Mistletoe scented candle is for a friend but I can't wait to get more tarts I that scent! Yummy! Thank you for the freebies too! That Pumpkin Crunch is going straight into my warmer!
Oct 22, 2013

Oct 17
I ordered the butterfly and the teal ivy tart warmers
they are both exquisite in design
my tart scents were honey vanilla,maple pecan streusel, and vanilla
hazelnut. all fantastic scents.
its pleasant to walk from room to room and smell a different aroma.
one of the highlights of my evening is to plug in my tart warmers.
mrs clark
Oct 17, 2013

I have purchased from Cuyahoga Valley Candle several times. Their products are always quality, prices reasonable and shipment, quick.In addition, the people at Cuyahoga are friendly and courteous if you have a question.Cuyahoga does not lose sight of customer service like so many corporate entities do today.
Paul from Media, PA
Sept 30, 2013

I always am trying to find the candle which would smell through the house.well I saw your candles and decided to give them a try.Well I don't have to hunt anymore, I have found my candle!!!your candles are the best smelling I have burned.I love the smell and will continue to buy yours!! Thank you!!!
Jami, Johnstown PA
Sept 30, 2013

Simply..The Best!!! Best Tarts and Best Customer Service and Best Prices..Love Love Love your Tarts...Rick you always go above and beyond to make sure your Customers are Happy!!!!(and thanks for the freebies!!)Wouldn't buy my tarts any where else..:)
September 26, 2013

I have been ordering from Cuyahoga Valley for several years now. There is no other company better and I have tried them all. I order the tarts and the wonderful fragrance fills my home with such a warm and welcoming experience for my family and guest. Best of all no one can match their price for the product you receive.I couldn't be happier with their service and product.

Sept 24, 2013

hi rick this might make you happy, yankee candle keeps emailing me to come back as a customer, but no way since i found your web site so i just delete the emails. thank you for all you do, and make my home smell so great
Mary, Arizona
Sept 20, 2013
I recently received my very first order from you. OH MY !!! Your tarts are absolutely wonderful. I have been using tarts for years, and yours are delightful. The throw from these tarts is the best I have ever experienced. The fragrant aroma lasts a long time. Your prices are great, and you now have a new long time customer in me!!

Sept. 17, 2013
i am on 4th order, this is the best invesment i ever made, the tarts and candles are the best by far, the tarts smell so good without even burning them, i am a loyal customer forever mary arizona

Mary Sept 11, 2013

Loved my entire experience with Cuyahoga Valley Candle. The variety of scents and especially the description of the scents (so I knew exactly what it was) was superb. The prices are so reasonable and the shipping was fast and when I did have a slight problem and left a message the call was returned immediately. I buy scents all the time as gifts for people and they love it. It is a great way to come home, sit down and relax with a soothing aroma in my apartment.

Sept. 5, 2013

Hi, summer is over, but I hope you had a great one! I sent you a request a few months ago about putting a bake goods bundle together, and I am really happy to see you did exactly that! I do have another question/suggestion to ask you. Have you ever considered giving your loyal customers a free shipping coupon or option a few times a year? I, personally would love that and just buy 5 more tarts to make up the difference!!! Maybe that will come about like the bakers bundle, I hope so! Take care, can't wait to get my new tart order, and have a great Labor Day!

Sept 1, 2013

I am delighted to find a great product with such outstanding shipping. Will be back and will recommend.

Aug. 31, 2013

OMG! I LOVE THESE CANDLES AND WAX MELTS! I think they are better quality than all the big name candles that are so overpriced. These burn cleaner, have better throw, and much better scents. Then!! The price! You can't buy a candle this good for this price. I'd buy by the case! I am also so impressed with all of your personal touches! God bless you all! Thank you for making such a great product.

Aug 27, 2013

Fantastic long lasting fragrances in this order was better than a competitor brand for durability and price,great quality control. Thanks for keeping checks on your products,am looking forward to Xmas scents for the holidays like scent of the trees and all the other holiday fragrances

June 15, 2013

I am an addict!!! I love love love your tarts!!!!Have ordered several bundles,and will be ordering more!I use to buy the S word and the Y word (blocks) tarts but not anymore!!Thanks!!

I,love the tarts.But my New Elephent Oil Bunner is "EXCELLENT"..Thank You,So Much !!!!

June 10, 2013

March 30, 2013

I recently purchased tart wax melts from your company for the fist time. I must say the scents are wonderful and the prices are great! It was nice that I was able to "bundle" the tart wax melts to get a better price. I love the lilac and cantaloupe and melon. They make my whole house smell so nice. I will order from you from now on! Thank you

March 14 2013

My wax tarts arrived today. Very fast shipper. I'm very pleased with the scents of the wax tarts I will be buying from you again. I was wondering if Sugar cookie maybe a scent that can be made into a wax tart ? Thanks again and will buy from you very soon. ;)

March 13 2013
New Cell
New Cell
I was a big candle user and Deer Creek was the best I ever purchased. They have close up for some reason I do not know. Last year I started my search for a candle as good as there's. Having spend two years in Ohio 1966..1968 I became inchanted with the state and what it has to offer. So when I found Cuyahoga Valley Candles, I gave them a try. I have lost track of how many candles I have purchased, but all I can say is I hope they remain in business. There candles are the best yet, and I plan on being a long term customer.... Buckeyes are the best. Tom

March 10. 2013


I found your site by surfing the web looking for tarts. I couldn't be happier. Your tarts are so fragrant that when I warm a tart I can smell it throughout my house and it lasts for hours! With my order you sent me 2 free tarts;one was dragon blood. I decided to try it last night. I absolutely love it! I will definately be buying it again. I also like the personal touch with the emails and how you stay connected with your customers!
January 9, 2013

OMG...I have been ordering tarts for over ten years, and this is the best company so far. I own a Daycare and to keep it always smelling like I am baking something, or just cut some fresh flowers, I turn the tarts on. It is better to smell them then you know what.(lol) A score of 1-10, I give them a 10, for price,shipping and scents Other companies just for shipping you could of brought about 10 more tarts. Keep up the good work and you will always have me for a customer
January 9, 2013

Hello and thank you so very much for the nicely packed tarts that just arrived. They smell so wonderful! I am burning one now (Christmas Cravings) and the entire house is filled with the fragrance. I look forward to ordering with you again...although I did buy a ton so it will be a few months:) Many thanks for a great product! Please consider me a lifetime new customer!

January 2 2013

I'm delighted to have found Cuyahoga Valley Candles. This is a lovely family run business. I like to support the smaller business. I am a fan of tarts and the fragrances are the best. I used to purchase my tarts from a well known candle firm and was getting more and more disappointed with the quality. Now that I am purchasing the tarts from Cuyahoga, I'm extremely happy. The quality is tops and the price is very reasonable. My husband likes them too. Thank you for such fine products and prompt service
—Nancy D
December 24, 2012

I love the vaious scents I get from your company. All items arrive in a timely manner. I do have 1 request, I would love for ya'll to make a sugar cookie scent, this has always been my favorite during the holidays and is very disappointing that it is not available thru your company
—Sincerely, Jami
December 11, 2012

The mistletoe is one of the best xmas scents I have tried,,, and I have tried over 50 maybe more )
November 26, 2012

Rick, Gill, and family, You all have been one of the nicest business experiences I have dealt with in a long while. I love the way you guy's do business. You have the best candles and oils ever, even better that yankee candle co. You are my "go to" family for all my candles and oil scents. It has been my pleasure to come to your site and check out all the fun stuff you have to offer. If anyone reading this has any doubt's, just order, you will love it.

—All my best, Sheree
December 8, 2012

We just love your candles! We can not wait until the girls open up the presents and smell the wonderful scents you have picked. I am not sure how we found you on the internet but we are so glad we did. Love American made products it is sad that there are no toy factories everything is in Japan or China. You have created a great product keep going strong. Thank you, The Barthel Family

November 24, 2012

"I take advantage of buying the bargain basement candles so i don't feel guilty treating myself, as a mom these days its tight. So i purchased like 8 some for gifts and some for me since I'm always burning a candle in my home. I've tried very vanilla, yummy for vanilla lover,great throw too. Now I'm on candy apple in my bedroom, its very nice lovely light apple fragrance. In my living room I'm burning cranberry marmalade which i think may be my fave so far awesome tart cranberry with just a touch of spice. I'm so pleased-also they burn evenly and slowly-so Im unfortunately hooked to your products! hahaha,( I'm very excited to try the xmas and fall bundle tarts because i also use a lot of them!) I get a lot of enjoyment and relaxation from these beautiful fragrances. Would love to try the brown sugar n fig soap for my psoriasis, which gets so irritated this time of year! your candles! You wont be disappointed."

—deb w
November 19, 2012

"rick, jill and jody : as usual you have outdone yourselves - the candles are delightful my husband loves the christmas hearth; my oldest child thinks the frankencense and myrrh were awesome and the grinch is an all around family favorite. we have not ever had a single bad experience with your products you rock!!!!!!!"

November 16, 2012

"Received little Home Sweet Home tart warmer. Love it and the fragrance of tart Than you. Will never buy Scentsy again."

November 15, 2012

"I am so pleased with my order, i bought a bunch of the candles to give as gifts. Of course i had to treat myself and try them out for myself before giving them! Amazing scents, pleasantly suprised at strenghth of what ive tried so far, i love to shop bargain basement to try out different scents. Because of your quality and prices you have a loyal customer, i dont feel guilty treating myself too! I wont be paying 20$ a candle anymore~ i can buy a few of your highly scented ones for the price of 1 of theres! Im so excited to try your tarts. They are my fave to use daily, its just so hard to decide on so many yummmy scents~ luv bundles its how i will try them out at first....thankyou!& keep the awesome scents comming, ill keep buying em! Ty for 5$shipping too~ ps do u make candles in the brn sugar &fig !? Its one of my fave id buy a bunch of em!"

—deb w
November 7, 2012

"I just got my order today! Am sooo excited! I ordered 30 Banana Nut Bread tarts and i just popped 1 in the burner----MY GOODNESS---the smell is absolutely wonderful!!! I just wanted to tell them how GREAT their smell is!!! I am a very happy customer and i will be back!! The free gift was also a very nice surprise!! Thank you sooo very much!"

November 5, 2012

"Rick, Just to let you know...... the floral tarts are the very very best. I placed a tart in the tray and it smelled 4 days after They last a very long time.......and the scent lasts for days. Thanks again."

November 4, 2012

"The products are really great! The service is even better....I love the card sent with each order. I thought the personal touch had gone for good....I was wrong. Thanks for your great products!"

October 25, 201

"I couldn't wait to tell you how pleased I am with my first order of tarts from you. The smells are heavenly! I'll be back for more soon! Thanks."

October 25, 2012

"I am a new customer and hopefully will be a lasting one for a long time to come. I just lit my fifth Candle Tart, American Rose and am in Love! I have purchased tarts from a few websites in the past and have not been satisfied with any of the scents so far, until I came upon your site. (By the way these tarts are so big you can actually cut them in half and they will last even longer.) Not only am I very happy with your long list of my favorite scents, I am impressed with your cordial note, free samples and your follow up email asking about my experience with the fragrances. This is an “Old School” way of doing business and I love it! The prices are affordable, the shipping charges are nominal. I told my girlfriend about your tarts and she is coming over to choose her scents and we can save even more money by splitting the shipping costs. Don’t change a thing – okay, you can add more scents. LOL You now have a loyal customer."

—Jo Ann in sunny California
October 16, 2012

"Hi, I have been a regular customer of yours. I am very pleased with all the candles I have ordered. They all smell so nice and your hand creams are great too. I love your auctions and hope you continue them. You are the best online candle store and your really good at taking care of your customers and making sure they are happy. I really appreciate that. Your shipping charges are also great. I would recommend your store to anybody. I am a very happy and pleased customer. Thanks again for all you do."

October 11, 201

"I really love the tarts !!!! smell soooooo good!!"

October 8, 2012

"Hi, I wanted to write how nice your tarts are:) they smell true to their names :) I enjoyed the vanilla mint and cranberry marmalade so far :) I will keep you in mind when purchasing more tarts :) very satisfied :) thank you"

September 15, 2012

"I have searched for candles to replace Deer Creek, finally found candles that equal or are better. I must say that the buckeyes know how to make a candle, the scents I purchased are absolutley great. The folks you deal with are very friendly. I'm sure I will be a customer for a very long time. Thanks for making such great candles. I can't wait to try there other products."

September 9, 2012

"Thank you again for wonderful customer service. A handwritten note of thanks in this day and age, is a rare expression of gratitude. All of your products are excellent. I'm still amazed at the cost and speed of your shipping. I'm a very happy and satisfied repeat customer."

August 9, 2012

"I am a brand new customer. I ordered APPLE JACK AND PEEL and CRANBERRY SPICE.. I lit these candles at the same time and put them side by side in my kitchen. They smell soooo good and have a nice strong smell to them. I am very pleased with these 2 scents and I recommend them to everyone."

August 7, 2012

"Just a note to let you know my order arrived and in great condition, thanks so much for the extra care in packaging! Candles smell wonderful, will start burning when the temperatures here get below the 90's! LOL, can't wait. Thanks again."

August 5, 2012

"I love your products and customer service. Each time I order, I am so very pleased with everything! You are one of the online stores that shows how all others should handle and deal with customers. One day I ordered on a Friday morning, and my order was shipped that afternoon! I was amazed, and smiling alot, too. And $5.00 flat rate shipping for heavy wax and candles?? Yay!!!!! Thanks so much for all you do. I love shopping here."

July 21, 2012

"My husband, Ethan, recently purchased a tart sampler as well as a few individual fragrances from you. These tarts were for me, and I have to say that you have earned yourself a loyal customer. I used to work for Yankee Candle, and I prefer your tarts to theirs! I was so pleased with the ones I have tried so far. I was also surprised to find a 'free gift' of two extra tarts, and a hand written note! Now THAT is how to run a business! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!"


"Just wanted to let you know we love love love...did I say LOVE! the butterfly touch lamp for the oils. Thank you so much... and just a thought could you please put a link in the auction email message so that we can go back to your website quickly?"


"I had to write and tell you, you have become my #1 tart and body products people! Your lotion feels wonderful on my skin! When I get paid I am going to get a couple more to have one in the kitchen and a spare! LOL! If they were smaller I would keep one in my purse for hand cream. I have 3 tart warmers going all the time. They are only shut off when I go to bed. I will sometimes have to change tarts later in the afternoon, but I want my house to smell good and I love to walk by and smell roses or apples or lilacs. I am disabled and my check isn't that big but my one splurge is to you!!! I want to thank you for that and just tell you how much I love your things. There has only been 1 scent I can't stomach and that is the orange and magnolia I think, too bitter for me so I always give it to my sister as she likes it. Nothing goes to waste! LOL! Again, THANK YOU!"


"I called you today about the Butter Brickle. Have you put any thought into having a FACEBOOK page? What about having a Q&A on your website for customers to ask questions or leave responses and then you can respond back (if necessary) so your entire audience can view the Q&A? I know you have the testionials section and are updating your website now. I just thought it would be nice to see what the other customers are thinking/saying about your products. I personally LOVE your candles and tarts. I have my BFF purchase 2 orders this past week. My tarts and candles are in her order as well. I have told many of my friends about your wonderful product and plan on referring you to many other friends of mine. I have tried many many different companys over the years and hands down, you are WAY UP THERE... Affordable (which my pockets appreciate and keep me coming back for more) and your shipping comes in a blink of an eye. Looking forward to being a longtime customer. Thank You!!!!"


"I love your products and customer service. Each time I order, I am so very pleased with everything! You are one of the online stores that shows how all others should handle and deal with customers. One day I ordered on a Friday morning, and my order was shipped that afternoon! I was amazed, and smiling alot too. And $5.00 flat rate shipping for heavy wax and candles?? Yay!!!!! Thanks so much for all you do. I love shopping here."


"Your candles are so delightful and fragrant. Thanks for keeping the auctions going."

—Mary Q

"Wow what a nice surprise when I got my mail yesterday--Thanks for the 2 samples and the nice hand written note. I melted the magnolia and orange blossom--what a great combo! Thanks again-- am all set now with tarts--but will be ordering from you soon. Have told my sister re your site also--Know I will be ordering the magnolia and orange blossom for sure and a few others that look very tempting and different. Thanks again."


"Well I hope you are finally happy. After making me buy all these candles and tarts now I have to build furniture to hold them all. Woe is me, where does it all end. See poor Mia laying there with the sad face. She is sad because she can't figure out why I buy candles but I can't get her a decent haircut. I might just have to go "cold turkey" on the candles until Mia gets a haircut. Now the poor thing has taken to drinking to drown her problems and she waits at the fence for the mail lady to try and chase her off before she leaves more candles."


"Thank you for getting my candles and wax tart melts to me in such a timely manner. The apple jack & peel are my favorite. Also the Hyacinth and Lilac candles were such a good price so I took a chance and they smell wonderful! Thank you for my gift of the goat milk soap. I can't wait to try it. Your personal note and your generosity is so refreshing. Also your charge for shipping is amazing! Thank you so much."


"I received my candles yesterday and I must say....WOW!!! I opened the different jars and they all smelled wonderful, so, I tried the Lilac one, it is so nice. Smells just like the flower. Awesome job guys."


"I just had to tell you...your candles are absolutely wonderful. Being a candle person for 30 some years...your candles are the BEST I have ever found.Your fragrances fill my entire home.Thanks for having the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Hello my favorite tart shop,
I was just writing to lend some advice or some requests along with your already wonderful scents and at such a low price. I search high and low for certain scents but have only found a couple of them at a much higher value, which in return, i will not purchase. So, instead I hand these to you, I know you are very busy and work very diligently to get new scents out there! I am desperately seeking and just throwing it out there for you to decide what to do with them after that! It would be so awesome if you could create a "Cucumber Melon", "Juicy Watermelon" or "Watermelon Twist", "Candleshop" or anything with "Pear"...those are so yummy and all your scents are so great already but more of those would be even better!! Just a hint and hope it can be done in the very near future!..I will ALWAYS come back for more! Thank You and Have a Great Day!! Your Very Loyal Customer,"


"This e-mail came to me immediately after yours did. They have all the fancy ads, but you have them beat hand over fist on your product! I received some Yankee Candle tarts over Christmas time from my Mother in law and the scents were really nice, but they didn't have the staying power that yours do! You've got my vote!!"


"I LOVE my melts I received from you. The tang. honey makes my mouth water. I want to order all the tart bundles and split them with my sister."


"Just wanted to Thank you for my order. I liked the personal note and free gift.It was nice. Great customer service and will be back again.I just lit my Black raspberry vanilla one - love it already. Thanks again."


"I must say I love your tarts and now have a friend ordering them as well."


"I love your tarts, they all smell great. They make my home smell wonderful! Your comapny makes me feel like one of the family, I love the handwritten note with each order. I look forward to it "almost" as much as the tarts. I once paid double for an order and you called me personally to let me know. Love that personal touch that is so hard to find. God bless."

—Nancy from Louisiana

"I have gotten 3 orders from you and I can't even start to tell you how much I love your products. They are great. I only use the tarts.. Your fast service getting them to me is incredible and oh the scent last so long. Love them and you will have me as a customer for a long time. Thanks."


"I would like to write a testimonial... do I just send you an email, or is there a special page for that? I am so pleased with you products and service, that it is important to me to write it down so others can see. Thanks for your time."


"Hello, now that Christmas is past, I will have a little time to say thank you for my order. Being a first time customer I wasn't sure if they were as good as my last company. When they came in and they were passed out everyone loved them and they say the smell covered the house with lovely scents. They say they were better than yankee. So far there are many new ones that I can't wait to try out. I just wanted to give you guys a thumbs up and love you are American made. I am a satisfied shipment came really fast too."


"Hello, Rick, I wanted to write to express my appreciation of your superb products, but mostly the one on one customer service that your company provides. As you know, I'm a blinded veteran and my wife Debra is likewise blind and your candles have re-opened a door of pleasure for us both. Before we both became blind, we used to burn incense and candles. But, now being blind, having an open flame in our home is not a sensible project to undertake. We both ran the gambit of can air fresheners and wall plug-in deodorizers which you and I both know aren't worth the money, nor lasting. I knew nothing of Wax tarts or tart Burners until I e-mailed you for information and you called me on your dime and patiently educated me for over a hour on how by using a hot plate tart burner and your products Debra and I could again enjoy the pleasure of using our sense of smell without the risk of a fire, which we both are happily doing now! Last, we both have laughed and spent hours with both of us hovering over the tart Burner and guessing which tart we are enjoying, with both of us knowing we are wrong. She states Cinnamon and I smell Vanilla! Again many thanks for helping to re-open the closed door for us both and I wish you the best of success with your business. Your life long customer and friend,"

—Barry in Tennessee

"First let me say how surprised I was to have a personal note in with my order that arrived yesterday, but I only got to open it today. This is the first time that I have received a personal note and trust me I order alot online...LOL! It let me know that you care about your product and customers, as a small business order myself I value that extra step. I just put one of the Frankicense and Myrrh into the burner and it smells wonderful, one of my favorite scents from my childhood when my mother would wear the Jovan Musk Frankicense and Myrrh for the holiday season. Side thought...would love to purchase a dozen or so if you could add some musk into the mix... think about it... Again thank you so much for the fast delivery and personal note. P.S. Love the hounds... believe it or not I think it is the reason I decided to place the order!


"Hey I didn't know where to post on here. Got my order today and I love it... Great products.. I have been using tarts for quite a while, and you will be getting more orders from me...Thanks again."


"Thank you ever so much, Rick. I love the Hansel and Gretel scent - fills our home all day long! I like the warm scents over the fruity, super sweet smells. The pumpkin scents (all three) and the Hansel and Gretel give our home a warm yummy feeling. With that in're on! Thanks again,"


"You folks are the greatest! Thanks for calling me back but as you can see I was able to order on your site. thanks."


"ANOTHER wonderful smelling order! I think you have become my #1 for my tarts and candles! I just wanted to let you know I got them and so far LOVE them. Thank you!"




"I received my package very quickly and in perfect shape. My family loves all the scents. Just a quick FYI... it's not a big deal but I did not receive my candle dipper. I just wanted to make you aware. There's no need to send one out, just wanted you to know. Maybe your packer was in a hurry. I couldn't believe how fast the turn around was."


"I was wondering what happened to your Eucalyptus scent, I have been a faithful customer for the last 2 years and I even referred you a new customer. Since I received my first order from you I have only ordered from you, I find your scents are stronger and last longer, I am usually able to burn my tarts at least 3 times, which is great in comparison to your competitors. I know you still have the peppermint and eucalyptus, which I also enjoy, yet plain eucalyptus is my favorite :-) so I just placed a large order and if there is anyway you can mix me up some plain eucalyptus I would greatly appreciate it, because Ido not want to order from Yankee, again your products are remarkable!!! Thank you."


"ALL OK; sent in my order. Now you get some help for the dogs, they need help to chew properly."


"My name is Nicole and I just recieved your package with my new candles. Very speedy delivery and easy use of the website when ordering. I will be back for sure! My family is from the Avon Lake, OH area and that's how I heard about you guys. My Aunt, who lives in Avon, burns your candles often. Thank you for some great smelling candles!"


"Hi! Just wanted you to know I have been in receipt of my next package from you guys and as usual you always send a wonderful surprise free gift and I think that is soooo FABULOUS of you. I received a delicious smelling Goats Milk Soap in Moonlake Musk and I am beside myself as to what it does for the skin in just one wash my face is glowing! Not only am I crazy about all your tarts and their long lasting fabulous smell that lingers everywhere from just one tart in this big house, I am crazy about the Goats Milk Soap... my goodness... what other surprise products do you have in store?! Always feel like it's Christmas when I get a box from you.... Thank you, thank you for your services and your free gifts that come with each box, I tell everyone about you. Love, love, love,"


"Just had to let you know how very pleased I am with the tarts I received, as well as the soap. Have you ever thought of opening another store? Our town would welcome it, have alot of crafters and people that would buy your merchandise, I'm sure."


"I just wanted to let you know I got my order today! WOW that was fast!! I am anxious to try the soap!!! Thank you for it."


"I have tried the free tarts you sent with my candle order and I am very impressed!!!! Not only do they smell great but they last all day!"


"Thanks so much - I love your pink sugar candles."


"I ordered candles from you recently and just wanted you to know that I love them!! I had a question about your scents, would you be able to make a scent called "Mint Mojito"? My daughter loves that scent and I'd love to order some candles for her for her birthday :) Thank you again for the lovely scented candles and for the very fast delivery :)"

—Denise A.

"I received my tarts yesterday, and burned "fresh cut grass" today and loved it. I will be re-ordering that one for sure. I want to thank you for the 2 free tarts. That was very kind of you, and I had to make sure you know how much I appreciate it - especially these days when a stinkin loaf of bread costs $4.50. You are wonderful at making a customer feel important, and the hand-written note was also a plus. So, you have a fan in me! Thank you again, and take care of yourselves. I will spread the word about your store to my "tarting" friends."


"Just wanted to let you know I received my candles today and I love them!! Thank you very much for the free gift :) and the FAST delivery!! I will recommend you to all my family and friends!! Thanks again."

—Denise A. :)

"I received my tarts about a week ago. They are phenomenal! Thank you so much. This is where I will be buying them from now on. Also, I was so impressed, I gave your company a big shoutout on my Facebook page. I included the website address as well. Thanks again!"


"Wanted to thank you for the free gift and the hand written note. You don't see that kind of customer service much nowadays. I will be back for more tarts. Can't wait to use them all. Have a wonderful day."


"I received my first order today and love both the candles. My husband thought I was a little crazy because of the names, but I thought they would smell great and they do. I have another order coming already, so that is a compliment to your company. I ordered more before I even got the first ones. By the way the first two were BUTT NAKED and MONKEY FARTS. I understand my husband thinking I had lost it. Thank you for a great product and am looking forward to the next order coming. And thanks for the handwritten note. That is something unusual these days and very nice. Thanks again."


"I received my order today. Everything is fantastic and I really appreciate the free samples. I'm sure to be ordering again! Thank you for stuffing everything in one box. Your products and service is superb!!"


"Just received the package today. Thank you. My wife was very surprised that someone could make Monkey Farts smell so good. I'm impressed with everything I ordered. I will let you in on a little secret here in Columbus, no one around here sells the tarts I ordered from you. I'm happy I found your website and can continue to supply my wife with tarts. She was even more amazed with your hand written note. I'm sure I will be ordering again soon. Thanks and good luck."


"Thank you Rick… I appreciate your fine organization and plan on purchasing many items in future and sharing your website with many of my associates. We are from Eastlake, Ohio and appreciate doing business with a family organization. Thanks again."


"In today's world of callous business dealings with customers, you are a refreshing breath of fresh air. I wish you much success in your business and in my small way will try to contribute by only ordering from you."



—David D.

"Thank you so much!!!! Thats very nice of you! ps. the tarts i received from you smell great!!!!!!! I love them!!!! I will be ordering again!!!!"


"Hello, just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your products. I just received my package from my niece, who informed me of you folks, and is an active customer. I ordered 28 tarts with her order about a week ago. Plan to order more in the future. Thanks again."

—"Happy Customer" Lane'e

"Thanks for letting me know Rick and thanks again for the phone call - you caught me off guard and thought it was someone trying to sell my something (lol) so if I was stand offish it is because I didnt recognize the number. I do appreciate you taking the time to call me to sort everything out - thanks again for the awesome customer service."


"My Candles and Tarts smell wonderful and of course it's the Frankincense and Myrrh that I'm using first. I posted about your store on Facebook with your link and how wonderful your candles and tarts are. They have a facebook page called "What's that smell" and it's where people post where they get their candles and tarts that they like and I felt you belong on that page, hope it brings some business your way."


"Thanks, Rick. I appreciate the email and it was actually a very quick response. :) I appreciate you replacing the candle. I hated to mention it because I did get such a good deal on the candle, but I really am glad you will replace it. The candle looks like it broke from the bottom, then cracked on upwards from there. I can snap a photo for you if you like. Thanks so much! Have a good weekend."


"Thanks so much for the information! I'm a total bakery nut but also love fruity and fresh/clean. Thanks for having these fun auctions. Caramelized Pralines? Yum!"


"Hello! Just wanted to let you know I received this order on Monday (fast shipping) and couldn't be more satisfied. I gave it to my Mom for her birthday yesterday and she was thrilled (especially liked the Monkey Farts)! The handwritten note was a very nice touch and everything was very well packed. Thanks so much - I will definitely order from you again."


"Hi, I just placed an order, but was too chicken to add a monkey fart, I was hoping they smelled like bananas, but wasn't too sure.. could you please let me know what they smell like, so I can maybe order them next time? Haha, Monkey Farts, too funny. Thank you for your time."


"I got the package today and I love everything and thank you so much for the soap!! I'm melting the Pink Sugar tarts, the Pumpkin Souffle and the candle. They all smell fantastic! Pink Sugar is my favorite scent ever and as soon as I opened the top of the candle I could smell how good it was. Thank you also for sending it so quickly! I will definitely be ordering again! :) Thanks for everything!"


"I received my first order from you today and wanted to let you know I am very happy with it. I have on the FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH and am in love. I like the way the sweet patchouli and sandlewood play off of the mideastern spices... just a beautiful scent and the throw is really good. I really appreciate the strength groupings and it really helps. Thanks for a wonderful order and can't wait to try the Pink Sugar soap."


"I just received your package, and your note. :) I love your candles, especially the cinnamon sticks. I like the strong fragrance! I love to give them as gifts too! I appreciate the free votive holder you sent, but I did not receive the 4 tarts that was in the order. I almost forgot I ordered them. Those are a gift too. I would ask if you could send some business cards along so I can attach with ribbon. Thanks again for a great product!"


"Hello, received my order that was placed on 11/01/10 and was thrilled with your products. These were the best candles as far as being able to smell the scent through my entire house as I burned them, totally pleased with your candles and will continue to order. I even called my mom and told her about your products and she has now placed an order. We have been ordering candles from different co. looking for one that we were happy with and think now we have found one. The only thing with my order was the 16 oz. pumpkin cake crunch was broke during the shipping. I do understand things like this does happen and it will not effect my future ordering. I did try to burn it anyway by setting it on a plate to catch the wax and I loved the smell but because the jar was broken the candle smoked real bad and gave off black smoke so I just gave up on it. The other four candles I am so very happy with. Thank you so much for having such great products, I will burn the ones I have now fast so I can place another order soon."


"I am very pleased with the level of customer service that you have implemented. I am a proud American and believe that in able to reestablish this economy it is important to support American business. I will be a continued customer based on the level of customer service set forth by your family business until I receive your products. If I am satisfied (which I have no doubt I will be), I will continue to purchase your products based on customer service AND product quality. I will gladly be an advocate for your business as well. I wish you and your family nothing but success. May God bless you all."


"Hi, rec'd. order today. It's all awesome and am very happy with it all! Thank u!!!"


"I just received my candles from you!! Thank You Very Much, always excited to get them!! And you sent me a "Candy Apple" 8oz. Jar Candle , instead of a "Carmalized Pralines". I was wondering if I could send this one back and get the Carmalized Pralines instead?? I'm sorry to be a burden to you, but it is my favorite candle from you!! So sorry to bother you!!"


"Thank you so much for sending me another Scotch Pine candle. I've already burned it and LOVE it! I was hoping to save it for the holidays but.... Thanks again."


"Order arrived promptly on Sat. nicely packaged and invoiced. Very professional. My granddaughters order a lot from eBay and good service is important. We lit a candle and all took a swig of the hand cream to try. We think we're gonna like your products. Keep us posted on your new endeavors."


"I really enjoy your candles. They smell just as goood as the much more expensive Yankee ones and burn just as well. I was wondering what the bonus points are for? Thanks for the free gift in my order. I love the orange and clove candle and soap. yummy!"


"I just wanted to let you know i received my order and loved the cranberry marmalade scent, the blue berry was yummy too. Great candles for a good price.I used to buy only yankee, because the scent was always so good, but i will be a returning customer here for sure. Thanks for a great product! PS. Loved the soap too!"


"Hello, I wanted to write and let you know i just recieved my tarts, and love them so much. It's hard to believe how true to scent of the actual item. Example, I burned Hyacinth and was amazed how it smelled as if you took real flowers and put them into wax! Thank you so much i will be ordering more."


"I love the smell of your tarts! I bought all 5 bundles to get a chance to try them. Wow! Was I pleasantly surprised! The scents are incredible and so close to the real thing. I was telling my friend how great the scents were and she is going to call and order some tarts too because she doesn't have a computer. Also, it also helps to read the other testimonials and see what other people are raving about. I had to add monkey farts and grass fresh cut to my order and I'm so glad I did. They smell delicous!! Thank you so much for my free goat's milk soap!!! I haven't used bar soap in years. I am a devoted dove girl. This goat milk soap is amazing!! It llathers so much and smells so good and my skin is so so soft. Sorry Dove... out with the old and in with the new. Thank you so much. You have a devoted fan right here. I will tell everyone about my great find!!!"