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from candles, tarts/wax melts, shea butter, lotion, and all natural goat's milk soap
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I have tried wax melts and tarts from many companies, and although some of them smell really nice in their packages, they had disappointing throws once melted. I am amazed by the variety of scents and the amazing throw from just one single tart from cuyahoga candle company. Every scent I have bought has been amazing, of course I have my favorites so far, but still exploring more. Violet lime is beautiful, bergamot and tarragon is very nice and strong, crackling birch is a favorite, the floral scents are all true scents. I could continue, but suffice it to say that I love them all.
Feb 26 2014

I am a tart and candle fanatic! I've purchase both from here many times and no other tart compares. he fragrances are wonderful and the selection is enormous. The fragrances last at least twice as long as other brands and I always get a nice personalized note in the box.
Feb 20, 2014
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Home Fragrance Oils

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Our Home Fragrance Oil is infused with natural essential oils. This oil is sold in large half-ounce bottles and is full-strength - the most concentrated available. Use oils in one of our beautiful Fragrance Oil Warmers or a Tart Warmer to scent a room in just minutes!

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